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Currently there are 9 models of vehicles manufactured by ERF that have recall actions in UK.

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This is the list of affected models from ERF.

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Usually when a manufacturer issues a recall action it is because it is serious and need to be repaired in order to keep the safety of vehicle. Other recall actions are not serious and do not impact on vehicle safety.

Nevertheless it is always safer to follow the manufacturer recommendation and do all the published and recall actions. The recall actions issued by the manufacturer are always free of charge for the vehicle owner, but the time and costs to take the vehicle to the recall are not reimbursed.

If you bought an used car, or intend to buy one, make sure that all the recall actions where done on your vehicle and ask for that information.

When selling your car, please inform the new buyer regarding the recall actions already done.

If you find a serious defect on your vehicle that is not listed in the recall action and that affects the safety of your vehicle, one of its parts, or an accessory, you should report it to the manufacturer immediately.

If you’re not happy with how the manufacturer is dealing with your report about the defects you found on your vehicle, contact the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) with a complete description of the situation and actions you have taken so that the DVSA can take the proper actions when contacting the manufacturer.

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