About Vehicle Recall UK

We are a group of people with interests in making information available in a free and usable manner.

All the information shown on Vehicle Recall UK is pubic domain information and it is made available by the UK Government in a raw format.

Our mission is to translate that information into a searchable manner and display it without any cost for the end user.

How much does it cost to use the Vehicle Recall UK website?

There is no cost for the end user to use our website. We encourage everybody to use it and to be aware of the recalls for each model and manufacturer.

Even the cost of the supporting infrastructure is supported by us and that is why we have advertisers on our website to reduce our operating costs.

Where is the data coming from?

The data shown on Vehicle Recall UK is sourced from data.gov.uk website that provides several datasets from government departments. We do not own the data.

Can I have access to all the Vehicle Recalls data?

The answer is yes!

The data is available in the government website data.gov.uk were it can be freely downloadable.

How can I contact Vehicle Recall UK?

Please see our Contact page for a way to contact us.

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