Recall number R/2024/168

There are 1 FORD vehicles affected by the recall R/2024/168.

This recall was issued on April 15th, 2024 and all the details of this FORD recall (R/2024/168 - Transit Courier: Wiring Loom to Steering Column Potential Touch Condition) are provided bellow:

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Recall Type


Recall Date


Reason for concern

Transit Courier: Wiring Loom to Steering Column Potential Touch Condition

Reason for recall

Affected vehicles may have a touch condition between the dash panel wiring and the steering i-shaft. This may lead to damage of the wiring harness which can cause several issues depending on which wire is affected. Potential issues include loss of exterior lighting loss of tyre pressure monitoring system doors might show up as closed despite not being closed and other possible failure modes.


Inspect and resecure if required

How to check if the vehicle is recalled

Contact the local FORD dealership or manufacturer. You will not need to pay for anything involving the recall.

How the manufacturer will repair

The Recalled vehicles will have the fixing checked and corrected as necessary by and official FORD service.

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