Recall number R/2024/141

There are 1136 FORD vehicles affected by the recall R/2024/141.

This recall was issued on March 26th, 2024 and all the details of this FORD recall (R/2024/141 - 24S16 - Kuga - PCM Programming and Drain Tube Installation) are provided bellow:

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Reason for concern

24S16 - Kuga - PCM Programming and Drain Tube Installation

Reason for recall

A small number of vehicles on which the fuel injectors may crack and leak. In the event of an injector failing this may result in fuel accumulating on the top of the engine. The accumulation of fuel could become the catalyst for a fire due to the proximity to the exhaust system and lack of an escape route for the leaking fuel.


The dealer will fit a specially developed drain tube which will safely drain any leaking fuel away from hot surfaces like the cylinder head or exhaust. Also the vehicle software will be updated which will allow any drop in fuel pressure to be detected. This software will reduce the power of the engine if a drop in fuel pressure is detected and a warning light will be illuminated in the instrument cluster.

How to check if the vehicle is recalled

Contact the local FORD dealership or manufacturer. You will not need to pay for anything involving the recall.

How the manufacturer will repair

The Recalled vehicles will have the fixing checked and corrected as necessary by and official FORD service.

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