Recall number R/2010/101

There are 47 FIAT vehicles affected by the recall R/2010/101.

This recall was issued on September 10th, 2010 and all the details of this FIAT recall (R/2010/101 - LOSS OF STEERING CONTROL) are provided bellow:

Recall reference:


Recall type:


Recall date:


Reason for concern:


Reason for recall:

The steering column upper shaft fixing bolt may not have had thread locking agent applied to it during assembly. This may allow it to come loose causing a noise. In extreme cases this may result in a loss of steering control.


Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected to check and where necessary fit a bolt affixed with pre applied locking compound.

How to check if the vehicle is recalled:

Contact the local FIAT dealership or manufacturer. You will not need to pay for anything involving the recall.

How the manufacturer will repair:

The Recalled vehicles will have the fixing checked and corrected as necessary by and official FIAT service.

FIAT Reference ID:


Number of affected FIAT vehicles:


FIAT vehicles affected

500ZFA31200000549070 to ZFA31200000550399
ABARTHZFA31200000549070 to ZFA31200000550399
PANDAZFA16900001753825 to ZFA16900001755818

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